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Everything you need to know to get your Google Classroom linked to all of your correct teachers, and to help you create an individualized schedule based on what you can see in Aeries.

Google classroom will be an important tool to use to get Zoom meeting codes and other important information and assignments from your teachers. The homeroom session at the beginning of each day will be a place for you to regularly check in with one teacher, and to make sure you know where to go for the rest of your day.

Zoom Meetings Norms and Expectations for Kent Students

The purpose of this document is to establish common expectations \for students, parents, and teachers in using Zoom online meeting tools.

The online classroom should be a learning-centered environment in which teachers and students are unhindered by disruptive behavior. You are a student and are expected to act in a mature manner and to be respectful of the learning process, your teacher, and your fellow students.

General Expectations


    • Follow your lesson schedule daily

    • Check Google Classroom for Zoom lesson codes

    • Attend only classes in which you are enrolled

    • Be prepared to participate, and direct your full attention on the learning

    • Use your mute when you are not talking

    • Consider an appropriate background behind you

    • Join the class with any materials needed to be successful with the class

    • Join the Zoom session with your Last Name, then First Name

    • Be prepared to show your face when prompted by your teacher

    • Do be patient with yourself, your teachers, and your parents while we learn together!

Online Class Rules
(some are a part of Zoom’s acceptable use policy, breaking these rules may result in suspension of your online class participation or/or removal from an online class)

    • Do not post, stream, screen shot, screencast, or otherwise share or comment on any element of an online class

    • Do not privately comment to other students in the class, or otherwise distract others in the class

    • Do not attempt to disrupt or distract the teacher or other students in the class

    • Do not create your own Kentfield Zoom account

    • Do not ‘pin’ other student frames

Expectations for Kent Parents:

  • Expect that your child will participate in all lessons that they are able

  • Help your student log on if they need it, but please do not participate in the class

  • Give your child privacy to participate fully as they would at school

  • Encourage your child to communicate directly with their teacher about what is working and what is not

  • Provide feedback about your child’s experience directly to the teacher, if needed

  • Be patient with your child, your child’s teachers, and yourself while we learn together!

Expectations for Kent Teachers:

  • Post Zoom invitation codes in Google Classroom prior to each online lesson

  • Notify students in Google Classroom if the day’s lesson will not be happening for any reason

  • Record instructional elements of the lesson and post on Google Classroom for students who were unable to attend

  • Do not allow students to enter a meeting after 10 minutes

  • Be patient with yourself, your students, and our community while we learn together!

If you need help from our office staff, our counseling staff, or our administrative staff, we are available to help you. Our counselors have put together great resources and contact information if you need help navigating a problem or just need a caring adult from school to check-in with. Ms. Holmes and Mr. Althouse will be available to help with any needs you may have as well, so please do not hesitate to email us with questions or concerns, and we will do our best to help you remotely.

Mr. Althouse’s email:
Holmes's email:

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